new colors

by ex wife

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rituals 03:45
new colors 03:13
agnosia 04:22
still life 02:46
sleepwalker 03:30
ageless 04:06


Produced and Engineered by: Nick Bolton
Mastered by: Carl Saff


1. rituals. from the side of my sight, memories draped in light. cemetery dreams, vapid reality. a lingering emptiness follows me. i wish that i could still believe in something.

2. young parents. we used to sit here every day, smoking on the steps behind my parents place. looking out across the lake, blurry figures in the dark forming shapes. youve been asleep now for a while laying in the lawn. the neighbors all look like theyre gone in this dull suburbia, where i still cant see the stars, the city skys covering ours. its just so ordinary. i can hear the highway through the trees, young parents rushing home. this town was the setting of my dreams but that was long ago.

3. lost in late july. i comb my fingers through your hair, barefoot in the road, breathing in the ocean air miles away from home. i can almost see us living here throughout the year. these lives are slowly drifting away.

4. new colors. new colors on your lips. maybe almost a hopeful glimpse. do you still think of me at all like how i was, anymore? storys secret but i guess i shouldnt be so obsessed.

5. agnosia. roam through the streets, dark december feels close. escape from the cold. nameless roads off the coast carry me home to you. asleep in the sand near the water, ill stay as waves gently climb, over time washed away. i dream in colors i cant see when im awake. everything will be all right, were just colored lights stuck in space.

6. still life. im almost here, im half asleep. in the silence i keep you around, a reverie that keeps torturing me. im sure its nothing. sweating through the august heat. vacations turned bleak from total boredom. the summer drags along, just want to see your face before its gone. its nothing. ive already been where you are. its home to me.

7. sleepwalker. as im walking back inside i hear vague voices clear, echoing. this apartment is a grave, the rooms all look the same to me when everyday is as dark as night without natural light to see. wandering, i disappear. i forgot how i got here. maybe im better off, the snows still slow. find me anywhere to go to sleep. it isnt much, i shouldn't care because faith is vain when youre stuck here.

8. ageless. ill try to close my eyes so i can only hear your voice in this cold deserted room, so quiet in the afternoon these days. the walls have been bleached white. staring up at fluorescent lights, i see you in the sky dancing with some handsome guys i know. someday ill feel all right giving up, its meaningless. someday ill feel all right trading comfort for endlessness.

9. everything seems slower now. mornings flooding down the hall. helpless headache, glowing walls. faded summer, dirty lungs. buried voices from everyone. everything seems slower now. memories of who weve been spin and swell over this town were in.

10. while the sun is out. focus on the sun floating astray. vivid streaks of red dissolve as we sway. once in a while we still feel like kids. old bones, every time i move it kills but ill live. i may be as clumsy as you.


released June 1, 2013


all rights reserved



ex wife New Brunswick, New Jersey

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