everything was beautiful

by ex wife

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1. ashes. alone we count our bones, light is flooding through the floor. explore the house next door. youll never know that ive been here before. oh my god I hope ill see the sky brightest the day I die.

2. open your eyes for me. someday ill burn bright. dark dying days, surrounded by our future graves. open your eyes, open your eyes for me.

3. caves. i feel sorry for your children one is five and ones eleven. they look like us, they sound like us. this is the place they sleep where the floor comes alive. get a grip mom and try to catch your breath. we hate your town we hate their screams coming from the ground. i feel sorry for your children one is five and ones eleven. their blood is everywhere, this is such a nightmare. all these funeral men make me glad to be alive. all these funeral men make me glad that i survived.

4. lightning. its getting cold as hell since the sun fell down. ill lock the windows lock the doors. their evil eyes are scary. they'll find you, they'll break through, and kill you (anywhere at night, keep your voices, down keep quiet). their teeth are razor sharp and they run as quick as lightning, but I have knives for fingers and im not afraid of dying.

5. everything was beautiful. i stayed up all night and waited to hear your footsteps behind me. I stayed up all night and waited here for you. empty eyes and long dark hair, black cries in the freezing night air. everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

6. sepia. the garage door is open the wind blows in. can you smell it in the air? speaker notes in my hand, keep the noise low radio man. sepia

7. stars. all of our scars glowing like stars. i never thought that this could hurt enough. this has to be seriously our fault. everyone I know all died years ago.


released October 22, 2009



all rights reserved


ex wife New Brunswick, New Jersey

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