june ep

by ex wife

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online release: march 2011
7" release: may 2012


1. one thousand years. its barely noon but i cant stay awake. this house so dark it seems so late. where was i last night? ive wasted my whole life. half the things you say to me you repeat off the tv, memories that you record. all the doctors that i see and all the things i thought id be, they dont matter anymore.

2. visions. ive seen this place before, the rusted gates and broken doors, an ocean for a backyard. all these kids i never knew. now what do i have to go home to? im not missing them im missing you. these memories they are all i see. these memories they are haunting me.

3. the kids we used to be. ive had these dreams but they dont mean anything, cause i dont sleep but i cant keep this up for long. cracked concrete runs down my parents street, but were not there to walk on air and laugh until dawn. i wish i could see the kids that we used to be. these summer nights all feel alike in this ghost town. its quiet now in empty rooms where no one moves. ill ask around but nothings here and no one cares.

4. june. do you still feel so cold even though you now own half my clothes? they fit you better anyway. youve ruined this place for me but its okay. ill find another park to do drugs and waste away. ill be fine i guess, ive just been seeing you everywhere in your favorite dress, the summer in your hair.


released March 7, 2011



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ex wife New Brunswick, New Jersey

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